Blood extraction at home

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A perfect option for patients with mobility problems or for those who prefer the privacy of their home.


At Eurofins Megalab Canarias we want to facilitate testing to patients with mobility problems or those who prefer the privacy of their home to carry out the blood extraction sample.

To do this we offer a home extraction service for only 30€ . This service is performed by professionals strictly following the protocols in each case. Those interested should only make an appointment with the laboratory and the staff will move to their home on the day indicated for the sample extraction.


This service includes the displacement of a professional to perform blood collection at the patient’s home. It does not include the cost of the test to be performed.

How to request the service?

Patients interested in requesting this service should:     

  • Make an appointment with the laboratory  
  • The staff will move to the home to perform the blood draw  
  • The appointment is confirmed by phone the day before  
  • At the time of extraction, our staff will request your identity document and ask you certain questions related to the test.  

What to do after extraction?

Once the professional has performed the blood collection it is important that you follow his instructions.
It is usually necessary to press the cotton at the puncture site for a few minutes and keep the adhesive for at least 30 minutes without bending the arm.


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