Sterility in the couple. Assisted reproduction Karyotype analysis in peripheral blood

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One of the main tests performed before an assisted reproduction treatment


Couples with fertility problems go to a centre of reproductive medicine to achieve pregnancy. Upon arriving at the consultation, the specialist will need to perform certain fertility tests to determine the diagnosis and reproduction options.  

One of the main tests performed before an assisted reproduction treatment is the karyotype analysis in peripheral blood in both members of the couple. Eurofins Megalab Canarias laboratories perform this test in all their centres. Take your test now and benefit from a 10% discount when purchased at the online store.  

  • Karyotype analysis in peripheral blood  
  • A detailed report of the results  

What is the analysis?

This test is performed by a blood test. Once the sample is obtained, the chromosomes are examined to discover genetic abnormalities. The chromosomes are sorted in shape and size to compare them with a normal genetic map. This detects anomalies related to sterility or infertility in the members of the couple.  

In the case of chromosomal structural anomalies, abortions, ovarian failures, seminal quality alterations, sterility, implantation failures can occur …  


The importance of analysing the karyotype before an assisted reproduction treatment

It is important to know the karyotype of the couple before starting the treatment because, in this way, it is possible to guide the treatment with a more successful result.


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