Prostate cancer tumour markers

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Prostate cancer diagnosed early increases the chances of cure.


Prostate cancer is one of the most frequent among men and early diagnosis increases the chances of cure. To achieve a diagnosis of prostate cancer in early stages, it is not only important to go to the urologist’s office, but also to carry out tests that allow discarding or detecting it in time.  

Among these tests is the blood test of tumour markers of prostate cancer that we perform in Eurofins LGS-Megalab. If you are interested and want more information contact us here. Get your test with a 10% discount when purchased through our online store.  

  • Total PSA Analysis  
  • Free PSA analysis  
  • Final Results Report  

Diagnosis of colon cancer using PSA

PSA or prostate-specific antigen is a substance produced by cells, both healthy and cancerous, in the prostate gland and is found mainly in semen, although it is also found in small amounts in the blood.

What factors can influence PSA levels?

There are certain factors that can raise PSA levels, such as:  

  • Having an enlarged prostate  
  • The ageing  
  • Infection or inflammation of the prostate gland  
  • Bicycling  
  • Certain urological procedures, such as biopsies …  
  • Medications or taking male hormones 


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