Paternity test with judicial validity

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We collect the samples, guarantee the chain of custody and issue a full expert report.  


40% of paternity tests performed at Eurofins Megalab Canarias in a judicial proceeding reveal that the son is from another father.  

This type of paternity test with judicial validity is carried out within divorce proceedings, child custody, family reunification, inheritance … and have all the guarantees to be used before a court of law.  

At Eurofins Megalab Canarias we take care of collecting the samples, guaranteeing the chain of custody and issuing a full expert report for only 450 €.  

  • Sample collection  
  • Sample Analysis  
  • Full expert report  

What is a paternity test?

The biological paternity research test is one that aims to assign or exclude the paternal-filial genetic link. This test is performed by a comparative analysis of the DNA polymorphisms of both to determine or exclude the genetic relationship. The results have maximum reliability.

Sample collection

The evidence is admitted in a court provided that the correct process of taking, identifying and sending the samples to the laboratory is guaranteed. That is why the samples are taken in the laboratory itself, after identifying the participants. There are exceptional cases, that due to mobility problems of one of the parties, the laboratory staff may move to the home. This guarantees the chain of custody at all times.     

The easiest way to obtain the biological sample from those involved is by performing a buccal smear, using cotton swabs to collect the cells of the buccal epithelium or saliva.     

This option is the most frequent because it is not invasive, it is easy to preserve and gives excellent results. They are obtained by rubbing the inside of the dry sterile cotton swabs. Two shots are made one on the inside of the right cheek and the other on the left.     

Even so, you can also collect these samples:     

  • peripheral blood stains on absorbent paper  
  • cadaver remains (bones and teeth)  
  • biological tissues (paraffin biopsies) 


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