Sports check-Up


Detects alterations that may be the cause of an injury, physical problem or performance drop.


It is very important that athletes have regular blood and urine check-ups to easily assess, their general state of health and adaptation to training.  

The analytical profile for athletes or sports check-up is blood and urinalysis of a series of parameters that are studied to detect problems that could arise as a result of sports activity. The best prevention is to avoid the problems that arise when exercising above our possibilities. Eurofins Megalab Canarias offers its patients a specific analysis that detects alterations in your body that may cause an injury, physical problem or performance drop.  

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  • Haematological tests: hemogram  
  • Inflammatory activity tests: PCR, VSG  
  • Carbohydrate metabolism: glucose  
  • Lipid metabolism: cholesterol (total, LDL and HDL) and triglycerides  
  • Liver tests: GOT, GPT, GGT, alkaline phosphatase  
  • Protein Metabolism: Total Proteins, Albumin  
  • Muscle tests: CPK, LDH  
  • Iron metabolism: iron, ferritin, transferrin, transferrin saturation index  
  • Kidney tests: urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, chlorine, uric acid  
  • Minerals: Calcium and magnesium  
  • Hormones: TSH, Basal Cortisol  
  • Urine: Sediment and microalbuminuria  

¿Why is it important to get checked if you are an athlete?

If you are an athlete, you should know that before starting to practice any sport it is necessary to perform an analysis. At the same time, if you already do it regularly, it is also convenient to do them to check your adaptation to the sport you are doing, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

The tests reveal if your body reacts properly to the sport you have chosen.

For whom is this analytical profile recommended?

  • People who want to know in detail their state of health, their physical form and their sports condition.  
  • People who usually do sports.  
  • People who are going to practice a sport.  


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