Food intolerance test

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Discover a possible food intolerance to more than 200 foods of the Mediterranean diet.  


Food intolerance often goes unnoticed, due to the fact that the symptoms generated are confused with other ailments. It is necessary for patients to know if any of the food they consume usually causes a pathological reaction. Ignorance of this situation can lead to progressive damage to health.

At Eurofins Megalab Canarias we offer the A200 Food Intolerance Test for 230 € when purchased in our laboratories.

Only if you buy it in our online store will you get a 10% discount added.

  • Blood test  
  • Results report  

What is food intolerance?

It is due to the formation of antibodies against proteins of certain foods, but not of the IgE type (which would trigger an allergic process), but in an initial stage of the IgA type and after multiple stimuli forms into IgG. Through this immune process, certain foods, in some cases can trigger digestive disorders

Test Advantages

  • It helps you to implement a healthier diet.
  • It helps you lose weight.
  • You gain vitality.
  • You feel better eliminating the foods to which you are intolerant.



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