Genetic profile to know your biological age


Through a blood sample this genetic test allows to know the biological age of your organism.


Do you really know how old your body is? The age that appears on your ID may not be what your cells and organs really have. A genetic analysis allows knowing the biological age of a person, besides their aging rhythm and the risk of developing certain pathologies.  

In Eurofins Megalab Canarias we have a genetic profile of biological age that, through a blood sample, allows us to know the true age of our body. Perform your test with a 10% discount when purchased through our online store.  

  • Blood test  
  • Results report  

Chronological age vs Biological age

Usually, we define our age by the day we are born. However, all people must take into account two ages: chronological and biological.     

  • The chronological age is that which appears on our ID as a day of birth  
  • The biological age shows the age of our cells and organs. In this way we can know our real ageing. The older the biological age, the more likely they will die before.  

The biological age allows us to know if the age of our organism adjusts with our physical age. The real age of our cells and organs depends on 30% of the genes and 70% of our lifestyle and the pathologies that each person presents.  

This test can reveal that, for example, a 48-year-old patient has a telomere length of a 42-year-old person. So his biological age would be 42 years. 

Who is this test indicated for?

  • People who care about leading a healthy life  
  • To check if changes in daily habits (food, sports …) slow telomere shortening  
  • Assess regenerative medicine treatments by the specialist  
  • Those who want to check their real biological age to make changes in their habits  
  • People who after an illness want to know their ageing


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