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Download your reports from here!

Download your reports from here!

Eurofins Megalab Canarias

Eurofins Megalab Canarias is the largest healthcare organization specialized in the clinical analysis that currently exists in the Canary Islands and the second largest company in Spain. 

Since its foundation more than 30 years ago our laboratories have undergone a constant evolution to consolidate throughout the geography of the Archipelago. We currently have more than 40 laboratories and more than 150 professionals in the seven islands.


Geolocation in real time
Commitment. Involvement in the performance of tasks in a responsible, professional and positive way. 
Responsibility. We are a team identified with the objectives of the organization, with little need for control, which reverts into an organization with autonomous and without excessive hierarchy. 
Teamwork. With their different competencies: mutual help, acceptance of leadership, fluid communication, planning and organization in the team, right to error. 
Passion. Passion is the engine that moves us. Only by working and acting with passion, will we be able to be excellent at what we do.
Efficiency. We take advantage of existing time and resources. In this way, we guarantee the achievement of objectives in optimal time and mode. 

Quality certificate

Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2015

More than 30 years

At the service of our patients since 1988

Clinical and industrial analysis

We carry out all types of clinical and industrial analysis.

More than 150 professionals

Specialized professionals work in our centres.

The most advanced technology

We perform the tests with the most advanced technology.

Stricter protocols

We follow the strictest protocols to offer all guarantees.



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