Pathological Anatomy

Human pathological anatomy (PA) is the branch of medicine which is responsible for carrying out diagnoses of a range of diseases through the study of biopsies, surgery, cytology and autopsies.    

LGS ANÁLISIS has a department of Pathological Anatomy run by Dr. Antonio Perera Molinera, a specialist in Anatomical Pathology,  and a team made up of the doctors: 

  • Dr. Maria Eugenia Abad (Specialist in Pathological Anatomy) 
  • Dr. Natalia Storti (Specialist in Pathological Anatomy) 
  • Dr. José Luis Carrasco (Specialist in Pathological Anatomy) 

The team is completed by another ten people including doctors, biologists and laboratory technicians.   

In this Service, samples of tissues or cells taken from patients are received, with the aim of carrying out a diagnosis, establishing a prognosis and determining data of therapeutic importance.    


The Department of Pathological Analysis carries out annually:   

  • 56,000 cytologies 
  • 16,000 biopsies 

Integral Service of Pathological Anatomy

The service of Pathological Anatomy by LGS ANÁLISIS offers an integral service, so that a doctor’s surgery or clinic receives the same or better performance than if they had their own laboratory on their own premises. 

We achieve this with a speed of response, which is only limited by the minimum duration necessary for the technical processes, and with constant, easy and fluid communication with the doctors whom we serve. 

Thanks to the service we give via our web page, the doctor will be able to consult or download the results directly from his surgery.   

The average time for the delivery of the results is approximately 12 days for a biopsy and 5 days for a cytology.   

We have a system of storage of samples which makes it possible, if the doctor so requests, to review the case.   

We have a service of safe collection of samples.   


  • Anatomía Patológica – Estudios complementarios:
    • Inmunohistoquímica
    • Biología molecular
    • Estudios intraoperatorios
  • Citopatología
    • Citología ginecológica (cérvico-vaginal)
    • Citología general, exfoliativa o abrasiva (esputo, orina, derrames en cavidades corporales, lavados y cepillados, etc.)
    • Citología por punción-aspiración con aguja fina (P.A.A.F)


We have the most advanced equipment, having recently made an extensive investment in the purchase of a new sample dyer and a tissue processor. By doing this, we have managed to minimise the risks of inhalation of formaldehyde, with the result that our staff work with the best safety measures and speeding up the processes in the preparation of samples.   


Thanks to our quality of service and diagnosis, we have managed to get the main hospitals and private clinics in the Canary Islands to trust us, and we are the pathological anatomy service for the following hospital centres:   

  • Hospital Santa Cruz 
  • Hospital Santa Catalina 
  • Hospital Quirón Costa Adeje 
  • Hospital Quirón Tenerife 
  • Hospital Parque 
  • Hospital Parque Fuerteventura 
  • Clínica La Paloma 
  • Hospital San Juan de Dios