Information paternity test

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If you have doubts about who is the father of the child go to our laboratory with the samples, and we will analyse them.  


Are you the father of your son? This is a question asked by many fathers, grandmothers, uncles or mothers on the islands. This doubt takes them to laboratories to perform an information paternity test with which to confirm or exclude the paternity of the child.  

More than 70% of paternity tests carried out annually at Eurofins Megalab Canarias are informative or non evidential, they have no judicial validity. Of these, 25% deny the link between the alleged father and the son.  

If you have doubts about who is the father of the child you just have to go to Eurofins Megalab Canarias with the samples, and we will analyze them guaranteeing the confidentiality of the results. Clear out all doubts with the information paternity test for only 350€.  

  • Sample Analysis  
  • Results report  

What is a paternity test?

The biological research test of paternity aims to assign or exclude the paternal-filial genetic link. This test is performed by a comparative analysis of the DNA polymorphisms of both to determine or exclude the genetic relationship. The results have maximum reliability.

Sample collection

In the informative paternity tests, it is the applicant who provides the samples that can be: cut nails (hands or feet); plucked hairs, with root or bulb (cut hairs do not work), butts, toothbrushes, gum, candy, blood stains (strips), semen (condoms) or sweat (unwashed clothes), objects with saliva: beverage containers (glasses, cans, cups), envelopes, stamps, handkerchiefs with mucus, baby teeth, belly button clamps, umbilical cords, urine (nappies).


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