Fertility test Anti-mullerian hormone


Perform this test if you want to get pregnant or perform an egg preservation procedure.


When making the decision to get pregnant or undergo assisted reproduction treatment it is important to know how many eggs you have and what the quality of them is, that is, how many of them are valid. In this way, it is possible to predict the final result.  

At Eurofins Megalab Canarias we perform various fertility tests, including the Fertility test Anti-mullerian hormone. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant or performing a procedure for the preservation of ovules go to your nearest laboratory and perform the test. Get the test with a 10% discount when purchased at our online store.  

  • Blood test for anti-Müllerian hormone  
  • Final report with the results  

What does it consist of?

This test consists of a blood test that allows predicting the response that in vitro fertilization treatment, artificial insemination, etc. can have. It is also carried out in women to guide the need to use egg donation or to preserve their own eggs before they are depleted.

What is anti-mullerian hormone?

It is a substance that the ovarian follicles secrete, which allows to know the ovarian reserve, that is, the quantity and quality of the ovules that the woman has at that time of her life. In short, the woman can know how many “valid” eggs she has if she is thinking about becoming pregnant or carrying out an assisted reproduction process.
Over the years the production of this hormone by the ovary is reduced, which shows an aged ovary.


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