Medium non-invasive prenatal test


It evaluates the risk of presenting trisomies, aneuploid of the sex chromosomes and recognizes fetal sex.


One of the main concerns of women during pregnancy is to know if the fetus develops correctly or presents any chromosomal, physical or genetic alteration.

In Eurofins Megalab Canarias we have the medium non-invasive prenatal test, which allows to evaluate the fetal risk of presenting trisomy 21, 18 and 13, the risk of aneuploid of the most common sex chromosomes and the possibility of knowing the fetal sex. Perform this test in our laboratories for only € 485.

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* When you make your purchase you need to call your nearest laboratory to reserve your kit and request an appointment.

The Harmony Medium prenatal test evaluates the following:

  • Study of trisomies 13, 18 and 21
  • Fetal Sex Detection
  • Panel of aneuploid of the sex chromosomes

Who is recommended to perform this test?

Any pregnant woman who wants, it is indicated as a routine screening method. And it is especially indicated in patients with abnormal results of triple screening of the first trimester, who have had previous pregnancies with Down Syndrome or who have an ultrasound abnormality.

How long does it take to obtain the results?

The results are obtained in about 7-10 days from its completion.


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