Eurofins Megalab Canarias its employees, its customers and collaborating companies know who we are, who we want to be in the future and which are the values that are going to enable us to achieve this.


To carry out clinical and industrial analysis, being in the vanguard of technology in our sector, making an effort to offer the highest degree of reliability and confidence to our customers and developing our aptitudes and attitudes to encourage dialogue and communication between professionals and customers and our laboratories.


We are a point of reference as the most influential laboratory within our scope of action in the care and maintenance of health.
We work in the search for excellence through a secure, reliable, rapid, efficient, quality service.



Involvement in the performance of our tasks in a responsible, professional and positive manner.


This value is the consequence of our commitment and shows how a human team that is fully identified with the objectives of the organisation, with little need for control, gives rise to an organisation with people who can work autonomously and without excessive hierarchical structure.


With their different abilities: mutual help, acceptance of leadership, fluid communication, planning and organisation in a team, the right to make mistakes, these are the consequence of Commitment and Responsibility, understanding teamwork as an essential concept for the survival of the organisation.


Respect becomes the value that is given to the human being who has the right to participate, giving his or her opinion and acting, supplying his or her grain of sand to the improvement of the organisation. Working in an organisation which encourages mutual respect represents a privilege that we should all appreciate and encourage.


Passion is the driving force that moves us. Only if we work and act with passion, will we be excellent in what we do. We want our daily work to show passion through our effort to achieve Excellence.


Making correct use of time and of the existing resources, guaranteeing in this way the achievement of our objectives in the optimum time frame, as well as in the quality that we want to give at all times to our customers.

Quality ISO 9001

Eurofins Megalab Canarias aims for excellence and maximum efficiency in its activities through continuous improvement of its operating structure, proximity to our customers, innovation and the global quality of our service.

Eurofins Megalab Canarias has been certified by Standard ISO 9001 since 2004, as Quality has always been a priority objective for us.

certification - iso9001

Standard ISO 9001 is an international standard which can be applied to any kind of organisation or systematic activity and which helps to manage proper quality in all processes.

Certification is a guarantee of quality

All of this is expressed in the ongoing improvement of the system through the contribution of technical and human resources, specific software, audits and regular controls, which helps to augment the quality of our habitual practises and to implement strategies and solutions.