Analysis of mineral elements in the hair

The loss of your hair is often not a cause but a consequence of some nutritional deficit or excess, or due to a chronic exposure to toxic substances at work or in the environment. With this test, the doctor can detect possible imbalances which might have a relationship with the syndrome of chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, anaemia… Nutritional condition: Evaluation of deficits due to undernourishment, slimming diets, malnutrition, incomplete absorption and syndromes related with gastro-intestinal disorders, situations of lack, related with age, pharmacological treatments and a range of pathologies. Toxic Elements: in order to evaluate long-term exposure to toxic elements which represent risks to the health both as a result of their diffusion in the environment and in the workplace. These elements can progressively damage different neurological enzyme processes or affect different systems in the body.
Why analyse in the hair?: The hair as a tissue of deposit has many advantages over analysis of blood serum or urine. Hair grows one centimetre a month, a two-centimetre lock of hair, therefore, will reflect the level of oligoelements over the last two months. It makes it possible to send the sample by post without special conditions. The analysis of minerals in serum reflects a situation at a particular moment, when the sample is taken and the result does not reflect the nutritional condition. Analysis in urine may be useful to measure the profile of elimination of toxic elements in workplace hygiene or to measure the rate of elimination of Ca, P and Mg in relation with bone metabolism, but not to evaluate nutritional states.
Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium…
Iron, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, cobalt, nickel, vanadium, silicon, chrome, selenium, molybdenum…
Aluminium, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Barium…
Ca/Mg, Ca/Fe, Ca/Zn, Fe/Cu, Zn/Cu…
0.4 g from the nape of the neck (2-3 cm from the scalp).
ICP Plasma Induction
With comments and indications of the possible reasons for imbalances.